ERCOT Review T-Shirt

Less than one star because they suck

Since we can’t review them online, review them in real life (IRL for the millennials). Get the ERCOT Review T-Shirt and remind everyone you see on zoom calls, at the local Whataburger, the honky tonk, or at the H-E-B what happend this year.

We hear if you wear this shirt on Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube that you’ll get famous and fans and money will pour out from the internet… ok that part is an embellishment… ok it is completely made up.

Point is this is a great t-shirt, based on a Bella+Cavas super soft 100% cotton tee you’re going to give this shirt 5 stars every time you put it on, even if that’s as an extra layer in your own home because the power is out and its 12 degress outside.

As always this shirt comes with our famous 100% money back guarantee. Check out more of our awesome Texas Shirts to add to your collection.